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Drew Falkman and FP

Drew, the President and Managing Consultant of FP, has been planning and developing Internet-based projects since 1995. He has architected enterprise-level applications, planned UI prototypes, developed technology plans for startups and managed development teams based here and in numerous countries overseas. He has published books and articles in magazines, spoken at national conferences, won awards on apps he's architected, sat on boards of advisors and directors and written lengthy run-on sentences.

Our experience has found that some of the best work is done by putting together ad hoc agile development and design teams. We can use this process to build anything from MVPs for startups to scalable enterprise applications.

Everything starts with design. Everything is A/B tested and refined.

Our Services

Focused on achieving results.

Virtual CTO

Drew works with seed level startups to develop technology plans and assist in building Minimally Viable Products (MVPs) as well as full-scale apps. This alleviates the need for a tech co-founder and speeds getting to market. Experience counts.

Project Management

Let us manage your projects. We can either work with your existing development/design team or can put one together for you. We work using Agile methodology, which is a transparent, show-as-you-go development model designed to build apps and prototypes in a rapid fashion.

Apps: Web and Mobile

We love to build. All you need is an idea. Our company has been building apps for 13 years. We can build yours, on time and on budget.


Design is everything. We can help to design, test and refine any and every aspect of an application - existing or imagined.

Social Media

Social media isn't just for marketing any longer, it is an integrated part of every modern company - and the landscape is ever changing. Let us help keep you connected with your customers, suppliers and everyone.

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